Monday, March 30, 2009

Trust Me! I'm A Teacher.

I'm new to Innocent High. I was getting a tour of the school until my teacher decided to give me my new uniform. He insisted that I change in front of him. He said I had to or I would be sent back to my country. I decided to but he started feeling me up and then I put my hand on his cock because he told me I had to put it in my mouth to fit in around here at Innocent High... CLICK HERE FOR FREE VIDEO

Skip N' Dip

I was walking by the back of school and saw some guy smoking. He asked if I could hold his cigarette for a sec because he needed to grab something from inside school. When he left, Coach Chibbles came out and saw me. He thought I was smoking and took me inside for some discipline. Inside I tried to help him forget so I started ru... CLICK HERE FOR FREE VIDEO

Hot Head Hottie

During a football game I was watching the other team cheerleaders. I noticed that they stole our whole routine. I was not happy about that and I might've over reacted when I slapped one of their cheerleaders and it incited a riot. Mr. Fitzergood was about to expel me so I sat up on is desk and gave him a reason to forget... CLICK HERE FOR FREE VIDEO

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sweet young Ginger Lee is eager to please, and that's a good thing for you because she delivers the goods and more! Watch Ginger get her young tight pussy eaten and then fill with long hard cock for the camera!

Precious Pussy

Her moans filled the erstwhile empty house and made Ramon a little curious. He peeked into her room to check the situation. The situation looked fucking hot, but the situation also looked up and caught Ramon with his dick in his hand. Uh Oh. What now... Well, what else would a self respecting 18 year old hottie do, but blackmail Ramon for cock. She did and he obliged.

In Search of Bigger Things...

Jamie and Kylee wanted to have some fun. They decided to find things to stick in their mouths but nothing was satisfying enough for them... That's when Jamie's brother's friend, Keiran showed up. When the girls told him about what they were doing, Keiran gladly let them know he had something to stick in their mouths. O...